Will Brazil win the next World Cup?

When you produce top class soccer talents, who would often assume an important role in various teams and leagues all over the world, and you do it generation after generation.

When this particular sports discipline has a unique meaning in your country, especially considering many struggles and worries it has to be dealing with. No wonder the hunger for success is strong. This is all true for Brazil.

Their national soccer team will have another chance to fight for the tile in the next World Cup 2018.

The upcoming championships in Russia should not fail to deliver a rollercoaster of sporting emotions. Apart from the usual suspects, it isn’t too hard to point out a few other contenders who could make their respective countries proud. However, some would argue that there are only five squads worth considering for the final glory. Besides Brazil, France, Argentina, Spain, and Germany should have a real shot. But the favorites have their worries, too.


Spain’s extraordinary dominance established in this decade seems a little faded these days. Argentinians, despite the undeniable concentration of superstars on the offensive line (Messi, Higuain, Aguero, Di Maria, Icardi), more often than not disappoint during important events. France doesn’t lack quality but sometimes looks stuck in big games. Even Germans, who otherwise look perhaps the strongest as a collective, might find themselves missing a true killer striker after the reign of Gomez and Klose had passed. Plus, coming out of bad injury Manuel Neuer’s form is a big unknown. Maybe it is the right moment for the Brazil side.

After the satisfying period of 1994-2002, Brazil didn’t do so great in the last few tournaments, including the one held at home. So, why this time should be any different? While it cannot be said for sure that great expectations won’t turn into disillusioned hopes, the Canarinhos certainly have arguments to support their case. The amount of talent they represent is one thing. There are many great players in every formation, with the emphasis on the strong firepower.


Brazilians in the best European leagues are the core of their teams and play the crucial part in their success. The offensive trio: Philippe Coutinho, Gabriel Jesus, and Neymar, already claimed the championships in Spain, England, and France, respectively. Marcelo or Robert Firmino will soon add the most prestigious trophy in Europe to the mix. It is because, as far as predictions go, they both have good chances to win UEFA Champions League. What is even more important, the representation seems to be really consolidated, rather than consist of an undisciplined group of stars.

Brazil was one of the first to announce the majority of their squad for the World Cup, which meant there wasn’t much room for experiments. The foundations are solid and unless the unexpected circumstances occur, they are all well aware of their goals and tasks on the field.

Then there’s, of course, the question of leadership. Neymar sure is a natural candidate. After the PSG move, the player was keen to assume a new role and dictate the course of the French team. However, for the most of the recent weeks, the talented striker was recovering from injury and had to focus on other activities than soccer. Spending time with friends and hosting a home poker game certainly posed the opportunity to rekindle the old flame from back in a day when he really was engaged in the cause of propagating the discipline and supporting poker communities.

Latest news reports the holidays are over for the player, as he got back to training with Paris Saint-Germain mates. There is obviously still time until the first championships game, so he should be ready and in shape. The form is another thing which nobody can predict at the moment. The truth is, Neymar at his best performance sure increases the chances for Brazil national team to take this prestigious trophy home.

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