The Biggest Favourites To Win in Europe’s Top Leagues

As the new season is set to start, it is fair to say that this will be one of the most competitive in football history. We experienced numerous changes in the past couple of months. The Serie A is becoming more and more competitive, Bundesliga has several teams which will challenge Bayern, while the Premier League has at least 6 teams which can be considered as legit title challengers. La Liga and Barcelona have been the top news this past period and the drama will make the league interesting to watch.

For the fans, this is a dream-come-true. They get to watch the drama unfolding each week. To make things even better, the level of competition is also good for the ones that like to place bets because bookies will feature fantastic odds.

Since the new season is set to be extremely entertaining, we decided to list some of our top picks as potential winners in some of Europe’s top leagues. We are also going to share a few words on betting and why should you wager your money online. Let’s begin.

Online Betting is an Advantage

Football and betting have been side-by-side for as long as we can remember. Some teams even have bookies as their main sponsor. Up until recently, land-based bookies were the only facilities where you could place bets. But, thanks to technology, a new and revolutionizing way of placing bets has arrived.

Online betting has become extremely popular in the past couple of years. Millions of people are now more willing to wager on their favourite teams and players online. Land-based bookies are slowly becoming obsolete. The reason as to why online bookies are taking over is because they hold several key advantages over the land-based bookies.

Better odds, more betting options, 24/7 availability, as well as time-effective actions, better payout percentages, and numerous bonuses and promotions are just a fraction of the advantages that online bookies have. These sites are also safe, secure, and accept numerous payment methods and currencies.

So, if you are planning to wager on your favourite team this season, make sure you do it online. If your bets are spot on, you can earn a far better reward with online bookies rather than with the land-based ones. You can also use this BetRivers promo code for maximum effect.

Now that we’ve explained why online bookies are so popular and loved, let’s check out which teams are most likely to be the winners in their respective leagues.

Premier League

When it comes to the top 2 contenders for the title, the teams are the same as last year. Liverpool and Manchester City are the front-runners here. But, unlike the previous seasons, the competition is way bigger this season. Chelsea is among the biggest challengers. Lampard was pretty active this summer and brought numerous reputable players on the squad. Manchester United have finally stabilized and are looking strong.

We shouldn’t exclude Leicester City and Tottenham, as well. Leicester had a terrific run last season, but numerous injuries spoiled the end for them. As the new season is around the corner, we are excited to see what they will bring to the table. Same goes for Tottenham – Mourinho’s boys are determined to leave the previous season in the past and focus on the future.


We have a strong belief that Bayern Munich will continue dominating the Bundesliga. Judging from what we saw this season, they might even be contenders to win a treble as well. After all, they managed to do it in the previous season, after they won the Champions League. Every member of the squad is deadly and all of them are hungry for more success. Dortmund and Leipzig and considered as the biggest title challengers and it will be interesting to watch how the drama here will unfold.

Serie A

Up until recently, Juventus were single-handedly dominating the Serie A. But all of that is set to change. Inter, Lazio, Napoli, and Milan have risen the ranks and are in serious competition to challenge Juve for the title. To make things even sweeter, Juventus sacked Sarri last season and appointed Pirlo as the new manager, even though he has no coaching experience. While Juventus might still be the front-runners, the race will be tight and fun to watch.


LaLiga has been the top story in the past couple of weeks. The drama began after Messi formally told Barcelona that he is disappointed with the club and wants to leave. Barcelona blocked his departure and stated that he will be a part of the team until the end of the next season. We are yet to see how this decision will impact Messi’s form.
Considering the fact that the team has been relying on his skills in the past couple of years, an out-of-dedication Messi will definitely lower the club’s overall performance. That is why we believe that Real Madrid is the most likely team to win LaLiga, with Atletico Madrid coming in as the second favourite.

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