St. Truiden – KV Mechelen Prediction & Picks (28.02.2020)


St. Truiden – KV Mechelen SOCCER PICKS

We open on Friday with a match between Sint-Truiden and KV Mechelen. Do the visitors stay on course for play-off 1? Or does the home team make something of the end of the regular competition?


On Monday, the Namur Sports STVV Academy was presented in Namur. An academy for youth in Namur and the Haspengouw region. “When someone becomes a member of the Namur Sports STVV Academy, the young participant commits to a program designed by a team of professionals,” can be read on the STVV club site. “This is to show the intrinsic football qualities. The academy also offers socio-educational support and a career plan through partner VULPES, a company specialized in sports management for top athletes. ”

STVV started vigorous and free against the Buffalo, but was soon presented with the bill. Colombatto suffered a loss of ball in the eighth minute, after which the striker of Ghent was hooked in the sixteen meters. Less than five minutes later, the game already appeared. In minute 26 the game was completely played, 0-3. In a superfluous second half AA Gent remained lord and master, although the intensity did go down. Yuma Suziki could only score the more credible.

A visibly disappointed Kenny Steppe did not hide that after the party. “This was a very frustrating evening for us. That we had the first big chance? I honestly can’t even remember that. I really haven’t seen many good things from us. Although that is partly the merit of a very strong AA Ghent. Even after a tough midweek game, they played very well, “said the STVV goalkeeper.

KV Mechelen:

With his brilliant performance against Anderlecht, Aster Vranckx put himself on the Belgian football card at the age of seventeen. A week later Vranckx was brought to the side after an hour. The youth international sometimes needs to be protected against itself, but that is also its strength. Of course they don’t want to burn it up at Mechelen either. Wouter Vrancken against Waasland-Beveren thought it was enough to play football for an hour. “Aster is someone who still needs to learn how to dose. He always gives himself two hundred percent. Sometimes you have to protect him against himself, that’s why I took it off. He also had a yellow card, an incorrect yellow card, I think. ”

Whoever thought that Waasland-Beveren, as a team that had to fight for conservation, would present itself with the knife between the teeth, was disappointed. It was rather loose sand. Malinwa easily rolled over it. The Waaslanders let themselves be led like lambs to the slaughter, were it not that Mechelen still knew mercy. After 25 minutes, KVM took his foot off the gas and let the Waasland-Beveren get more into the match. In the second half, Mechelen easily ran into a tough 4-0 win.

It was a pleasure for those who stood between the lines at KV Mechelen on Saturday evening. Joachim Van Damme and Igor de Camargo returned to their usual roles: one ruled in midfield, the other was once again so important in the front. Both took their goal. Mechelen, on the other hand, is emerging as Genk’s biggest challenger for sixth place. The Camargo does not want to focus too much on Genk either. “We have to look at ourselves and not be too concerned with the opponent. A decisive Genk KVM on the final match day? The next match is against Sint-Truiden. ”

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