Antwerp – Club Brugge KV Prediction & Picks (22.04.2019)


Antwerp – Club Brugge KV SOCCER PICKS

History repeats itself: Bruges got the title in Liège last year thanks to a goal in connection with a previous own hand-held game, this time again could have been the one in the title race – only this time to the detriment of the master. It took place on the final day of the top game in Genk, as the game device bounced against the arm of club defender Brandon Mechele and the result was a penalty, which brought the local Smurfs on the road to victory.

With the Flemish neighbors 1: 3, Club Brugge is now four points behind the Limburgers, which is why only one win counts in Antwerp. But the hosts are still good at least in the race for second place, which qualifies for participation in the qualification of the Champions League. With a win, they would pass Bruges, which is why the motivation of the team is no less high.


After a very solid regular season, Antwerp in his second year in the Jupiler League again ignited the turbo in the championship round. As the club is the oldest in the country, “The Great Old”, as Bruges and Genk have so far recorded three wins and one defeat in the playoffs. A very good balance sheet and with Genk and Anderlecht were already defeated two top clubs, although the name for the weakening Brussels currently only partially true. Once again, the Romanian coach Laszlo Bölöni can rely in these days mainly on his defensive, which acted after Genk and together with Bruges in the playoffs to date the safest.

In addition, it currently bother him little injury concerns, since only the Portuguese Aurelio Buta fails in defense. His absence since the start of the playoffs has not weakened the team so far, as the results described show. But it remains to be seen whether Antwerp can also put a stop to its home weakness. So the kickers of the Scheldt brought more points away in the main season abroad than in foreign countries and two of the so far three wins in the playoffs were scored again in the context of guest appearances.


The recovery of the master was stopped for the time being on the last matchday. In the top match against the KRC Genk he conceded a 1: 3 defeat, which went from a playful point of view in order, because the 15 -fold title holder could not build on the achievements previously shown. The gap to first place is now as in the beginning of the championship round at four points, but now there are just six games that Bruges has time to overtake Genk yet. The quality of the squad would be sufficient but in any case, because this is very good for the conditions of the Jupiler League. A league where talented gamblers would not last long otherwise, due to the limited financial resources of clubs whose TV money would not even bring a weary smile to leagues such as the Premier League.

Whether the Brazilian Wesley with twelve goals and eight assists or the Belgian Hans Vanaken, who comes even 13 hits and is the undisputed leader in this category with 16 assists – Bruges certainly has on paper the strongest team in Belgium. In addition, Bruges course has a high level of playoff experience, because it is usually always represented in the championship round. This is an advantage especially against Antwerp, which was not even represented in the Jupiler League in recent years and only after a very long break completed its second season back in the Belgian upper house.

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