Antwerp – Beerschot VA PREDICTION (25.10.2020)


Antwerp – Beerschot VA SOCCER PICKS

Well, I’m going to do this analysis well in advance because I think it can lower the fee.

Let’s go to Antwerp, where Antwerp, a historic Belgian who since 2017 has remained without problems in the Jupiler League and in fact qualified for the EuropaLeague the previous season, and Beerschot, a surprising debutant who is now He is in 3rd position and he has won 6 of his 9 games.

But what interests us in this pick are goals. And I think we are facing two of the most over teams in the category. Well specifically, Beerschot is the most over with more than 40 goals in 9 games (22/20) and an average of 4.67 goals per game, unusual in an elite league even if it is the Belgian one.

On the other hand we have Anderletch that currently has 30 goals (12/18) in 9 games with an average of 3.33 goals per game.

If we put the two teams together, the average between the two is 3.88 goals per game.

For this line we would find the following results.

Beerschot: 6 green, 2 void and 1 red (0-1 win against Club Brugge no less).
Anderletch: 5 green, 1 null and 4 red

If Anderletch’s numbers are not to shoot rockets either, but the reds are concentrated in the first league days and the trend is now green, specifically their last five results are the green ones (1-3, 4-1, 1-3 , 2-2, 2-3).

And these are the last five of the Beerschot (6-3, 5-1, 3-2, 3-1, 5-2). In other words, an extremely over trend.

In addition, if we go to whoscore in the analysis of the two teams, one of the strengths of Anderletch is to create opportunities through passes into the gap, that is to say to take the back of the defense, just the weakest point of the Beerschot defense. Likewise, Anderletch defends skilled players very poorly, just one of Beerschot’s strong points.

The biggest handicap I see for the pick is that Anderletch is affected by the fatigue from Thursday’s game against Lugodorets, especially his attack.


+ Very overs teams.
+ They have green in the last five games they have played each.
+ Teams whose attacks seem ideal for the weak points of the opposing defenses.
– Anderletch plays the EuropaLeague on Thursday.

Weather in Antwerp 13º, little chance of rain and some wind.

Prediction Related Bets:

Antwerp win1.882-18.00BTS / YES1.45

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