5 Dimes

Name: 5Dimes Overall Quality: 40% above average
Age: Founded in 1998License: Costa Rica
US Players: AcceptedVisitors rating: 7/10

Currencies: BTC, USD
Deposit Methods: Bitcoin, Cheque, Click2Pay, InstaDebit, Money Transfer, Neteller, Skrill (Moneybookers)
Withdrawal Methods: Bitcoin, Cheque, Click2Pay, InstaDebit, Money Transfer, Neteller, Skrill (Moneybookers)
Languages: United Kingdom Spain
Website: www.5dimes.com

Minimum bet: $1Maximum bet: $5.000
Maximum winnings: $1.000.000Live betting: Available
Signup Bonus: $200Reload Bonus: $500
Betting margins: 4.3%Odds Format: EU, UK

Review of 5 Dimes sportbook – Pioneers of sports betting

5 Dimes is one of the pioneers of sports betting online. The sportbook is most known for its huge collection of professional and college games. The site is also known to offer some of the most teaser cards alongside numerous reward programs for both small and big betters. The site offers alternate run lines in popular games such as Tennis, Golf, MLB, and Soccer. The site also offers some of the most extensive selections of betting odds and wagers. Casino gaming options offered alongside sport bets include Bonus casino, which is known to have the best competitive odds in the online casino wagering. The Grand casino is a downloadable casino game on this site which is one of the most preferred. Read any review online and you will see that 5 Dimes will always come up on top 10 sportbooks online.

The betting interface of 5Dimes is absolute excellent, the betting board provides a simple interface for choosing your sports, games, and even the country where the games are being played. With a perfect betting interface, you have the opportunity to varying spreads, betting lines, and other options such as “over”, and “under”.

Reason why people join 5 Dimes – Bonus and promotions

• 5 Dimes offers one of the least minimum bet in the Sportbook world. With $0.50 cent, you can place bets on your favourite games.
• The site has been around for a very long time and it remains one of the few sportbook sites with least complaints from members.
• Covers just any sport you can think of, and provides multiple betting platforms at the same time.
• Favourable odds that are posted on daily basis. The 10 cent lines for instance are available on most games except from the MLB games. Some NFL game lines can be up to 20 cent lines.
• Mobile gaming platform offers players the opportunity of taking their games wherever they go. Having a mobile betting platform has become the main attractive power of any sportbook in the present era. You may have to zoom in and out of your betting browser when using the mobile platform, but that should not be a problem. The mobile betting platform is available on Androids and IOS devices.
• Varieties of withdrawal options are available on 5 Dimes, including Western Union, Money Gram and Visa cards, however the minimum payout amount is 100$ , but another option known as Cashier’s check allows a minimum withdrawal of $1000.
• Reload or subsequent bonuses are also available for loyal members. 5Dime is one of the few sportbook sites that allow new members to choose the type of bonuses they want, and you can earn as much as 50% free play bonus amounting to about $2500. This bonus can be rolled over for a limited amount of time or games.

Registering on 5Dimes sportbook

For some reasons, 5Dime has decided to limit the deposit amounts of 50$ minimum and 25$ maximum, for first time betters, however this rule does not apply to older betters.Though the site offer flexible payment options but the most preferred is Visa debit and credit cards. After 3 consecutive deposits, the maximum deposit you can make is raised to 500$. Other methods of depositing here include; Money gram, western union, and money order.

Registering on 5Dime is as easy as anything you can think of, all you have to do is visit the website. You need to keep in mind that 5Dime is not one of the most generous sportbooks you can find online, but it does offer a generous welcome bonus of up to 50% on the first deposit. Simply log onto the website and from the home page , you can notice that the site has no flashy design but simple and straightforward options.

Step 1: sign up with your username and password, and you don’t have to visit your email for activation link- you get registered immediately you submit your username and password.

Step 2: You can make your first deposit once your registration has been confirmed, you can find these options from the drop-down menu. You can deposit as low as 10$ and place your bets at $0.50 cent per game.

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